Where did nicety go? …my tattoo …humanitarianism

PleaseThankYouCanIHelpYouThankYouCardsFlowersPhoneCallASmileHelpfulComplimentaryHoldingADoorOpenOfferingGreatful I started working on this blog a couple weeks ago and was side tracked by work (see previous blog titled WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING) and travel.  While traveling on the road I got a lot of people … Continue reading “Where did nicety go? …my tattoo …humanitarianism”

Links to my businesses and Referrals

WAG! Dog walking and boarding. I receive $100 cash and you receive $50 in WAG! credit. https://wagwalking.app.link/HZ6n6CCZoQ     WAG WITH ROVER (my personal business) Call or email me directly for a schedule. 918-397-7686  or  AGirlHerDogAndRV@gmail.com *30 min walk – … Continue reading “Links to my businesses and Referrals”

Top DOZEN Meals While Living in the RV

Kale Salad Mac & Cheese Salisbury Steak Sweet Potato Chili (Brian’s Recipe Tweaked) Sweet Beans over Rice Mixed Veggie Delight with Biscuits (similar to PotPie with no dairy and different veggies) Spaghetti with Mushrooms & Meat Sauce Goulash Potato Soup … Continue reading “Top DOZEN Meals While Living in the RV”

Thor and RV Dealership Horror Story. Oh and Comcast, you suck!

Ms. Negativity? I apologize for the language in the title, but I’m soooo frustrated! In the last 3 days I’ve reported two businesses to the BBB. I’m not normally a complainer, but I am so tired of feeling like I’m … Continue reading “Thor and RV Dealership Horror Story. Oh and Comcast, you suck!”